A Resource Checklist to Help You Settle Into Your New Home Fast After a Move

By: Natalie Jones

Moving to a new home is exciting but it can also be nerve-wracking—especially if you’re making an out-of-state move. Knowing that you’re leaving loved ones behind and will need to learn the ropes in a new community is tough. However, there are many resources to help. Here are some tricks and tools that can make settling in after an out-of-state move easier.

Prepare for Your Move Beforehand

Advanced preparation now will make settling in easier later.

  • Before you buy a home, research the neighborhood to make sure the location is right for you and your family.
  • Avoid financial worries by lining up a job in your new home before you go. This guide to applying to jobs from out of state can help.
  • Prepare for your first night in your new place with a “first night box” of essentials, like medication, toiletries, and pajamas.
  • Hire a reliable and reputable moving service in advance to help you move your goods safely and securely.

Research Local Services to Help You Settle In

Knowing where to turn for basic goods and services can save you headaches.

Make a Point of Integrating Into Your Community

To make a place feel like “home,” you have to integrate socially as well as physically.

  • Make a point of introducing yourself to your new neighbors, for example by throwing a house-warming party.
  • Use apps and online platforms like NextDoor to get to know your neighborhood.
  • Support locally owned businesses, where you’ll meet familiar faces over time.
  • Help kids integrate as well, for example by signing them up for activities like sports.

Moving to a new home can be daunting, especially when it’s an out-of-state move. Don’t worry: There are plenty of resources to help. Trust the hacks above to get you started, so you can settle in fast.

Published by Keegan Riley

Financial Analyst turned Entrepreneur.

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